Olof Hallonsten

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Doctorate in Research Policy, Lund University, 2010.

Habilitation in Sociology with emphasis Sociology of Science and Organizational Sociology (Soziologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Wissenschafts- und Organisationssoziologie), Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg, 2015.

Several single- and co-authored articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, an internationally published monograph and several book chapters, and several reports and popular science publications.

Teacher of organization studies at the Lund University School of Economics and Management, including supervision of diploma work and seminars on basic and advanced level.

Recipient of a Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers, 2014.

Recipient of the Physicist PhD Ragnar Holm Scholarship at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 2013.

Research grants (as principal investigator) from the Swedish Research Council (2012, 2018) and the Knowledge Foundation (2012, 2013), plus participation in several other projects with external and internal (university) funding in Sweden and Germany.

Coordinator of the thematic cooperation initiative BISS – Big Science and Society funded by Lund University, 2017-2019 and gathering collaborators from four faculties at the university and twelve external collaborative partners in the public and private sectors.

PI and coordinator of SSBS@LU – Social Studies of Big Science at Lund University, an intramurally funded research network that gathers researchers and projects from several faculties in various studies of the politics, organization and societal interaction of contemporary Big Science.

Affiliated with Lund University (2005-2012, 2015-), RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden (2016-2017), University of Gothenburg (2012-2015), Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg (2010-2011, 2014), Bergische Universität Wuppertal (2011-2014), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (2013-2016).